Excerpted from the College Competencies

Wha does this mean in the Core and my other courses? The ability to use reading, thinking, writing and speaking to convey ideas, information and intentions effectively and in a manner that is appropriate to the topic, situation and audience; the ability to interpret accurately and critically the messages produced by others, and to respond appropriately.

Holistic Description

Effective communication requires students to make intentional decisions based on audience, context, purpose, knowledge, and ethical perspectives. These decisions affect the delivery, the type and amount of content, and the communication channels selected, among other things.  Effective communication also includes examining the impact, whether the communication achieved its intended purpose, and the ability to interpret the messages of others.   The criteria identified in this rubric encompass the variety of ways people communicate across disciplines, professions, and modalities in order to construct, maintain, and transform their personal and professional worlds.

Guiding Questions

  • What is the purpose of this message? 
  • Who are my audiences? 
  • In what contexts will the message be received? 
  • Am I using valid information that is relevant to the message and the audience? 
  • What are the most appropriate communication channels for the message?
  • How do the norms and rules of a communication channel shape the message?
  • What ethical considerations need to inform my communication choices? 
  • Did the communication reach and impact the intended audiences?  
  • What did I learn that will inform future communications?
  • Do I consistently and accurately understand the messages produced by others?
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